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First Vita Plus Dalandan & Melon FlavorWe believe that our fellow Filipinos’ awareness on First Vita Plus products will assist attain a greater appreciation of a healthy lifestyle and will further inspire Filipino scientists in tapping the healing potentials of our valuable Philippines herbs & plants. When you drink First Vita Plus: You promote healthy lifestyle. You promote organic farming. You provide jobs to organic farmers & workers. You contribute to the local economy. You advocate Entrepreneurship.


kidney failure - cured by first vita plus


(8 years old)


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Kid’s story being told by his father, Mr. Roberto Tiongson Sr.;     My Son, JR, had been suffering hernia since birth. When my son was already 8 yrs old last october of 2005 we went to the hospital for Operation schedule. The laboratory findings showed us that 95% of his kidney is already badly damaged & the only two suggested remedies by the doctor is through lifetime medication of dialysis & kidney transplant. Kidney dialysis here in the Philippines cost around $50-$100 per session 3x a week. While a kidney transplant would cost $20,000+. Since I am just an ordinary employee not having that sum of money, I just leave it all to the Lord when will He be taking my son. One day, i was introduced to the First Vitaplus product by the couple Mr. & Mrs. Topacio & told me to try the natural health drink to my son. They brought with them 1 box of First Vitaplus & i let my son drink it 2x a day. After 11 days, the laboratory findings showed that from 95% it went down to 85% result. I just let my son continue drinking First Vitaplus & in March 28 of 2007, it came out that the doctors examination of my son’s kidney became NEGATIVE. I thank the Lord for showing me First Vita Plus through these very kind & generous people like the Topacio couples, Maam Doyee, & the Team of Filipino scientists. Up to this day, my son still continue drinking First Vita Plus for his maintenance & wellness.
BALDOMERO CANINO   BALDOMERO CANINO (92 years old) DIAGNOSIS: PSORIASIS, DIABETES & PNEUMONIA   Since 2006, Mr. Baldomero has already been suffering from psoriasis, diabetes & pneumonia & for 11 months he has been bed-ridden. After he took First Vita Plus & drink it 3x a day for 1 week, he was to able to stand up & his wounds which was caused by psoriasis were healed. “Thank you so Much to the Lord, to Maam Doyee & to the Couple, Arnel & Jean, who introduced me the very effective product. Right now I am totaly healed & revitalized!” as verbalized by the patient.
CRISELDA MARTINEZ CRISELDA MARTINEZ (62 years old) DIAGNOSIS: CALCIUM DEFICIENCY She is a diabetic & the calcium level of her body is very low. For this reason, Ms. Criselda’s bones shrunk. For some time she can’t even do some very few steps, she had experienced difficulty in walking. Until Ms. Noemi Palitud & Ms. Lynne Romera instroduced First Vita Plus to her last January 2007 & because of her continuous intake of the product, she was able to walk again & was continually healed.
  APOLLINARIS CASTELLTORT (54 years old) DIAGNOSIS: ASTHMA, PRINZMETAL ANGINA, TYPE II DIABETES AND HYPERTENSION     In 2000, I was diagnosed with asthma, prinzmetal angina, type II diabetes & hypertension. I underwent medication from various doctors of different hospitals. In August 2006, I complained from severe stomach ache associated with vomiting. Hence, on August 21, I underwent medical examination for blood chemistry, ultra sound & CT scan showed an Abnormality In The Liver. I was then prescribed new expensive medicines for treatment of my liver for two months. But due to financial constrains to sustain my medication I decided to try First Vita Plus. From December 1, 2006 to April 3, 2007 I drank First Vita Plus regularly & the result was very amazing. My blood chemistry examination taken on February & April 2007 affirmed that my liver abnormality was gone & I was healthy once again! Today at 54, I feel more energetic, stronger & healthier.
    ALMA SALAZAR, Registered Nurse (Philippine General Hospital) DIAGNOSIS: SEVERE SKIN ALLERGY, PSORIASIS FOR 7 YEARS Click Here to View Full Article..   I am a registered Nurse by profession. Sometime in 1995, I had frequent attacks of severe skin allergy. A biopsy was done & I was diagnosed to be suffering from Psoriasis. I was treated with oral & topical steroids for 7 years, then after on I shifted to oral chemotherapy which according to my Rheumatologist will be for life. Last January 2007, I started taking First Vitaplus (8-10 sachets everyday). Everybody was amazed because the rashes of my skin for 3 years gradually disappeared after 3 weeks. And while it is true that Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease, it is worth knowing that somehow, someday, I will live free from psoriasis. Thanks to First Vitaplus.
PATRICK JADE RAMO   PATRICK JADE RAMO (5 years old) DIAGNOSIS: CYSTIC HYGROMA (BUKOL) Click Here to View Full Article..     Two years old pa lang nang magkaroon ng bukol o Cystic Hygroma sa gilid ng leeg ang anak ko. Katunayan ay 5 times na itong na-aspirate sa Philippine General Hospital (PGH) na nagkakahalagang P1,700 per aspiration. Ang sabi nga ng Doctor ay kailangang operahan ito ngunit dahil wala kaming pera. Noong June 2006 ng lumapit sa akin si Mr. Bernardo Dela Cruz na may dalang First Vita Plus at ito ay sinubukan ko sa loob ng limang buwan. Noong November 2006 unti-unting umimpis ang bukol sa leeg nito at napansin ko din na nililinis nito ang katawan ng anak ko. Sa kasalukuyan 3 times a day na ang pag-inom ng anak ko. Salamat sa First Vita Plus!
ELMER J REYES     ELMER J. REYES (28 years old) DIAGNOSIS:FATAL HEART INFARCTION, BASAL PNEUMONITIS     Dati po akong seaman yet during my last contract naramdaman ko na lang na dumadalas na ang pananakit ng dibdib ko, at nahihirapan na akong huminga. Mayroon daw po akong FATAL HEART INFECTION. Napilitan akong bumalik sa Manila at lumabas nga po sa findings na may suspicious na nagbabarang ugat sa puso ko at may Basal Pneumonitis po ako in my left-lung base. After a few days, inintroduce sa akin nina Tito Aries at Tita Nher ang First Vita Plus at bumili ako ng isang Power Pack. Ginawa kong 2x daily ang pag-inom ng First Vita Plus. Hindi pa ako nangangalahati ay may malaking pagbabago sa nararamdaman ko, nawala po yung pananakit ng dibdib ko, at hindi na rin po ako nahihirapang huminga.
      DR CLARITA M MARTINEZ (Cabatuan, Iloilo City) DIAGNOSIS: BENIGN NON-TOXIC CYSTIC GOITER   It was in 2004 when I noticed enlargement of my right thyroid lobe. The medical results revealed that I have a Benign Non-Toxic Cystic Goiter. He prescribed a certain medicine to cure my goiter yet after taking the medicine for two weeks, I stopped taking the medicine without referring back to the physician because of the palpitation of my heart. With the assist of Dr. Lorenzo I was able to try & bring home One (1) Power Pack. On the 1st day, I started taking two sachets of First Vita Plus, 3 sachets on the 2nd day, 4 sachets on 3rd & 4th days, & 5 sachets on the 6th day. On the 7th day, I felt tremendous pain on my neck, back & head, yet I continued in taking four sachets a day. On the 8th day of taking First Vita Plus, I noticed that the enlargement of my right neck was gone.
    NINA FRANCE DOROTHY HEPOLAN (3 years old) DIAGNOSIS: ACUTE LYMPHOCYTIC LEUKEMIA STAGE 1 (ALL-1)     She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Stage 1 (ALL-1), & admitted at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC), Cebu City. She has been transfused with 16 bags of whole blood, six bags packed RBC, 10 bags platelet concentrate. Thanks God First Vita Plus was introduced to her grandmother on the way to the hospital chapel by a complete stranger (VITA Dealer Name Jun Bas). Significant improvement was noted after consuming four boxes of First Vita Plus in 2 weeks & blood picture returned to normal. Platelet count back to normal & cerebrospinal fluid exam noted no more immature cells. By the power of God & this natural health drink, now we do not need any more donors to transfuse blood. Niña was discharged from the hospital few days before Christmas.
    LORETO SANTIAGO (57 years old) DIAGNOSIS: DIABETES TYPE II WITH GANGRENE     February 16, 2005: He was suffering from diabetic right leg with wet gangrene. January 2007 he started drinking First Vita Plus Natural Health Drink. After one week, the swelling of the right leg was remarkably reduced & the wound dried up. February 2007: Thanks to the continued intake of First Vita Plus, his leg no longer has to be amputated.
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